Used since the Stone Age as an amulet stone, Moldavite divides opinion, as some find its strong emphatic energy difficult to work with, while others can't or won't be without it.

As with other tektites, many believe Moldavite assists communication with beings from other planets.

However, its key qualities are transformation, transdimension, potential and compassion.

  • Tranformation: use it to stimulate new spiritual growth and evolution.

  • Transdimension: it can assist us in working in an infinite number of other dimensions beyond our 3-D world, and can help us to open the third eye and develop our psychic gifts.

  • Potential: Moldavite can make us aware of and allow us to tap into our own potential, and also carries potential with it, so no two people will use it in exactly the same way.

  • Compassion: Moldavite can give us the key to opening the heart, so we discover true compassion for humanity.

A word of warning when working with Moldavite; it can be extremely ungrounding, and although it may induce a state of bliss, if you remain ungrounded, it can be difficult to do the work its transformational qualities instigate. It is recommend to work with it for short periods of time, and to use a grounding crystal afterwards.

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