How to unlock the Star Gate Chakra

You are a vast complex being consisting of multidimensional fractalizations of self. Understanding your ego as being the most dense expression is the key to grounding the conceptual  knowledge necessary to grasp your higher aspects of self. The self has many levels and dimensional perspectives that are realised through developing your awareness through meditation. Once your ego self has grasped the concept that all is one, and therefore you innerstand you are the universe, you can move into communion with your Holy Guardian angel. This in my case is Vishnu, and I communicate to him(myself) by moving through the universal concept of who I am, which is the whole universe in order to open my star gate chakra. This chakra is somewhere above the crown chakra and can only be accessed through the enlightenment of universal oneness. Once the universal oneness is grasped it must be felt to a degree where you are able to perceive subtle energies with your intuition. As a being of light all is frequency and vibration, and therefore you must realise the density of your current self is limited to just a small fraction of your vibration and frequency as a soul expression from source. The point to this information is to give you the map to galactic awareness. Galactic awareness is understanding you have multidimensional personas that are not only aware of the self you are conscious of but also aware of the selves they are vibrating higher than. This means that not only is Vishnu aware of my conscious life and experience, but he is living his own life in higher realms also with other perceptions, and simultaneous experiences of life occurring at once. Our multidimensionality can be understood to a degree where we can communicate with our Highest selves to better understand the universe. this is the point to meditation. Meditation is the ship to enlightenment and you are the compass of awareness. 


Money is the energy we as physical representations of God (Love, Universe, All that is) have developed to engage in energy transfer in a third density materialistic reality Matrix. This energy enables us to feel worthy emotionally through receiving it and having "more than enough to spend". In this Matrix we feel extremely emotionally worthy if we have more than enough money after we have spent our fair share. Our fair share being the amount required to survive with food and housing programmes. These necessities are programmes, and should not be thought of as matter of fact in being uncompromising to sustain our reality, and existence. What do I mean by this you may be wondering aye aye hahaha. I mean by saying since we believe we need food and shelter collectively as a collective consciousness that creates our universe, then we must abide by this belief. If we collectively agree upon something that is essential for our existence, it becomes essential to our existence. This is correct in the reverse approach also, in saying if we collectively reprogram our reality with preferred beliefs our Matrix abides by these collective agreements. We have the ability as a collective consciousness to create a currency that fits our most positive attributes and desires. We can also abolish currency all together and create free energy, which nullifies the need for a physical representation of energy in our Matrix. This Matrix is a programme we can collectively reprogram. By understanding this fact of reality we can reshape our experience in existance to better suit our preferences.

Free will

Free will is a dependant construct in universal reality. Free will depends on your level of understanding and awareness. This can be seen as the knowledge of good and evil, or more commonly described today as duality. The polarities of the dual nature of this universe allow for free will. Without the "battle" between good and evil there would be no awareness, and therefore no free will. The more you understand about the Self, the greater your awareness of your current experience, and the greater amount of choice you perceive you have. Free will is a lower density experiential distortion and does not actually exist in higher awareness. This is because as you move out of duality the need for choice becomes void. Why would you need to choose if all there is is love and divine synchronicity. Choice is the decision between one or more variables to experience, without duality there is only oneness, and therefore no ability to decide between more than two variables. Free will the gift of the dualistic experience.


We are all one, therefore our fears are fearing and need to be integrated for us to understand our totality. We are more than one, our multidimensionality is awe inspiring. We are treachery and honour at the same time. Know thyself, for thyself is the greatest gift and responsibility you will ever know.

Déjà vu?

Have you ever tried to watch a movie you love, but you remember it too vividly to watch it even though you would love to see it again? What if you could decide to forget the movie as soon as you pressed play? How would that feel? You would be able to re-live scenes without remembering they had ever happened. You would be so immersed in the movie as if it was your first time ever experiencing it. Every plot twist, every character, every bit of music you enjoyed. Now apply this to not just a movie, but apply this invention to the very life you are living now.  How do you know this is the first time? How do you know you haven’t decided to replay your favourite life, and chosen to forget you have ever lived this way before because you wanted to experience the wonder and excitement fresh? You wanted to watch that movie you loved without knowing what was going to happen. You knew before you were born what was going to happen. You chose to make it a surprise.

The Current of Consciousness

The moment is all you are in the present tense use of the word. Meaning you are always here and now. But what happens when you find yourself daydreaming or in a contemplative state where actual events are taking place like movies in your mind. This is what I will refer to as the current of consciousness. Just like a current in a stream your consciousness is not just at a static point in the universe, it is swimming through limitless time. Every moment your consciousness drifts to somewhere other then what is happening in your physical reality you are experiencing the current of your consciousness. The ever moving state of being where time and space becomes blurry, as you can be in more than one place at a time. The human consciousness is limited only by our beliefs and programmes. If we relinquish every belief and box that binds us in stagnation we realise that our consciousness is forever surfing along multiple streams of thought and realities.  But with this understanding you will notice that the physicality of the present moment can glitch and present abrupt halts in space, and this is in fact perceivable by the mind. I have observed animals such as a dog having the ability to sense, and be extremely aware of these moments where the focal point of consciousness shifts in and out of varying streams like a radio changing frequencies from AM to FM. I have been in conscious states of extreme observation where I have observed the moment shift from my physical experience to a daydream. As I was in this extreme observative state, my consciousness did not reset and turn on and off from waking physical reality to daydreaming consciousness. Instead I observed my consciousness shift in a collective way synchronisticly with every animal in the moment I was physically in. This resulted in an empathic connection with a dog who noticed a “time skip event” in which the varying streams of consciousness merged abruptly to create the co-creative physical experience. This was an event that felt as though time is constantly correcting itself based on the space in time we are surfing with our energies and focal point of our consciousness. This means what we are focused on regardless of whether it takes place in physical reality, daydreams, or auditory thoughts, our current of consciousness is always being predicted by time and space. We are able to observe this through enlightening ourselves through meditation, and enhancing our focus to observe the current being not just swimming in a constant stream on its own, but merging with other parallel streams of consciousness. Whether the streams are divergent, local, or non local it doesn't matter because our co-creative consciousness is a perfect harmonic reality device. This means the co-creative consciousness is in charge of itself, and at the same time manipulated by the parts that make up the whole. Timelines are not just events but constant streams of reality we tune into based on our collective focus at any given time. This given time is a seasonal shift and can be predicted, but I have not found out as of yet how to sense when a timeline is being entered into or merged with at this time. 

The Circular Nature of the Path Finder

Life can sometimes become relatable to a theatrical performance. Just as theatre or any movie watched over and over again can still cause a sense of seeing it for the first time, even during the 20th sitting, So can the cycles of life be compared to this sensation of becoming aware that every situation can be seen with new eyes. No matter how familiar, and also no matter how dis similar a situation may seem most of us are living in a circular warp in experience. The most basic of lessons create a master's teachings, and this is why the universe insists on this constant reflection in every moment while  perfecting our humble specs of light. Have you ever felt a deja-vu? Well imagine for a moment that you have lived this exact same life for 3600 years in a cycle. That would conjure many experiences so similar that maybe they would form as an experience such as a deja-vu. More importantly the lessons we are learning while here on earth are energetically subtle and require you to be open to evolving into a new perspective at each cycle in order to create new experiential lessons. If one is not open to receiving a new perspective at every opportunity it is presented, the experience is akin to rewinding a movie because you forgot a certain scene. Imagine life as an essay on a movie, and therefore you need to reflect on every camera angle and emotional response in order to develop a deeper understanding. Your soul requires this innerstanding of your "theatrical performance" in order to grow and evolve to higher realms of existential beingness. 

What am I?

You are me and I am you yet we are separate individualised  personalities. You are the moment, the now, the eternal infinite is now past and you are in the has just past but you are still in the now. You are everything that could and will ever exist experiencing itself from one point of view. Your point of view feels as if it is your eyes in your skull, and what ever is going on in and with your internal thoughts and feelings. This is only part of your experience, as you are also experiencing the whole universe at once. When you realise what you are is more important than who, you will become infatuated with discovering what is in the moment. The moment is never the same twice, it is infinitely short, but at the same time is forever. The moment is what you are, therefore drop the hypnotic trance you are under and begin to enjoy the vastness of your beingness. As you will not need to be anywhere but now ever in your life to understand the universe. The infinite now is your true identity. In truth it is not really an identity it is what you are, and what you are is like love, it cannot be explained only experienced. You do not ask why or what is love, you find you can only experience love. The same conceptual knowledge can be applied to understanding what you are. You can not explain or interpret it because it will be lost that way, for experiencing the now is like listening to music, you just enjoy it.

How to undergo a Spiritual awakening without disobeying the rule of silence

The ones who know become the ones who show, but these ones mustn't interfere with those who  wish not to grow. 

This wonderful full moon in gemini I wish to, quite ironically I must say, communicate the duality involved with the rules of communication of consciousness, in terms of differing paths and evolutionary desires of the GodHead. As a disclaimer these are my rules, and therefore should not be followed by any who does not feel it is in their highest interest to do so. 

The GodHead is infinite experience and therefore we must provide spiritual individuality to fulfill this vast sea that is consciousness. I believe very strongly due to my own experience as we are evolving, and as our point of view constantly shifts into more awareness of who we are, that we uphold the rule of silence. The rule of silence in this matter pertains to allowing the vast and differing points of view to undergo their experiences without intrusion. In layman terms when becoming more knowing as a knower, do not impose your realisations on others who are choosing to grow at a different rate than you. This can be hard as a human being not to be able to share your discoveries, but this is what the internet is for. This outlet will suffice, there is many ways to communicate your beliefs and it is free. The need of arguing with family and friends about spiritual life and concepts need not exist, for the Magi live by of the rule of silence.

Expansion of consciousness through being present

Consciousness expansion is becoming more aware of what we already are being naturally. It is similar to paying attention as a wave that you are actually the entire ocean. It is as if the tiny drop of rain that douses the flower during rainfall is waking up to the reality it is not only the flower but also the skies and heavens from whence it came on its free fall to earth. The measuring device that is science can not explain reality it can only tell us what we physically see, and sometimes what we are experiencing. The truth is if you begin to meditate with an inclusiveness, and at the same time separateness from your mind, you begin to see that when you are sad the sky is black, when you are angry the winds howl and when you re in love with the present moment the whole world is yours. I mean this literally, I mean to say even as you experience yourself through the illusion of self, your true self is far beyond the concept of unifying everything in your reality. There are therefore un-seen forces available for us human beings to tune into for guidance and support in our continual learning of how to manipulate energy and create what we desire. Meditation on the true beingness in our moment, brings not only a sense that you are the music of the universe on the most grandiose of scales, but are also the entire orchestra, and conductor. Meditate and include every sound smell and thought as your being and you will over succession remember who you are. This re remembering is the purpose to the struggle of life, for without a struggle the final victory would mean nothing to the splashing of the crashing wave as it rejoins the entire ocean.

The Higher Self

I am currently training myself in the art of Reiki and I have found this amazing quote from Dr. Hayashi , “the universal life force is so big we cannot measure it, so deep we cannot fathom it; therefore in Japanese we call it Reiki.” He continued “it is comparable to a radio station, broadcasting radio waves everywhere. There are no wires connecting the radio station with your home, yet when you turn on the receiver and tune into the radio waves from the station you receive what they are sending. Likewise, the principles of Reiki are the same. The energy is everywhere; it travels through space without wires. Once you have been connected to the energy it flows automatically, forever. It is a universal and immeasurable energy and its power is unlimited".

This brings me to the question of what is the Higher Self that you hear everyone with a computer and an english dictionary talking about these days? The Higher Self is an omniscient flow of divine energy that is beyond comprehension to your ego. To know the Higher Self means to be fully realised, and therefore "deemed" by eastern cultures as reaching Enlightenment. To me Enlightenment is realising your Higher Self as not just your "god self", but realising that to have a "god self" you therefore are omnipresent and omniscient. This means you are everywhere and all knowing, providing you wake up to the fact you are everything and every consciousness, and that your idea of unity and separation fall far short of even comprehending the higher self and its nature. The Higher Self is unity on a scale we are not familiar with, not because we are war hungry barbarians but because we lack the psychic intuition to interface with reality on the level that proves to us that we are connected with every living organism existing in our realities. 

The Higher self is not just your inner voice that rules over your every choice and action as you project through imagination of a co-creative reality, like the one you are experiencing as you read this, in order to experience physicality. The Higher Self is your intuition, the silence of nature, your deepest desires, and of course your sense of Love in this universe. The reason I am explaining the Higher Self in this way is so you can remember the language of every situation, animal, and breath of wind. When you finally wake up wise soul you will understand there is a teacher around you, within you, who is you, and who loves you unconditionally for the fact you exist and are experiencing life. When you wake up to this fact of support, every situation and experience speaks to you in a silent language called intuition, and when you get adept at this skill you can hear the higher self speak to you in a very personal transcendental language .

To know thyself and therefore enter in divine communication with the higher self you must go within with the art of meditation, or divine contemplation. Just as a butterfly feels there is more to its' existence and decides to go within to transform itself, so must you make the choice to transcend your limitations. The Higher Self is your true self whether you transform to recognise your greatness or not, it is still an ever present omniscient companion on your life journey to self realisation.

Days of Futures' Past

As experiments go we are the most interesting in this part of the galaxy, and maybe very naively the whole universe. The experiment we are a part of is largely concerned with spiritual evolution, and the implications third density reality has on our larger soul. The larger soul we are all an infinite part of is called the higher self. The higher self is a mind that you are an infinite part of and that encompasses all consciousness. It is my belief we construct different levels of the higher self in order for our human minds and identities to exist free of the fact we are dreaming ourselves up in order to experience a third density reality. In jewish Kabbalah the Godhead is expressed through many layers and originates as a unfathomable infinite light that also permeates and penetrates through every layer, no matter how dense the fabric of that reality may seem. In layman terms there is only light, the darkness is just the space between the light that creates the necessary experiential reality of separation. The reason darkness is a necessary experience is because of the very fact that  without the dark there would be no reference to experience light and all its brilliant colours, hues and saturations. As the Godhead expresses itself infinitely through these different points of expression we gain playmates. I say "playmates" because if the Godhead didn't split itself into different experiential points (playmates) we would not experience anything, and therefore we wouldn't exist at all, and so I must say thank you "All that is" for giving the experience of existence, I am very grateful. Think of these infinite points of the Godheads' expression as "souls". These varying examples of experiential points called souls enable not just third density life but infinite densified expressions. This means all the grains of sand in all the beaches on every planet in an infinite universe multiplied by all the universes of parallel realities could not take into account how many densities and expressions of the Godhead there is ever ever ever. I am laughing as this child like explanation is beyond comprehension to the most analytical of minds. My ego aside, there is an infinite awareness that calls you by not just your name but the tone, frequency, colour and light density of your soul, along with infinite other blue printing software we can not even fathom. Now with the lesson of infinity out of the way I can discuss the most important part human kind is playing in this infinite spiritual game. 

The infinite spiritual game is just that, a game with a goal of attaining spiritual development in the best possible structure available to the cosmos. Now might I add there are various groups assigned to the human race to insure this game is cheated in, lied about, gambled in, appreciated, laughed about, had fun in, and the list goes on as there are many players of all kinds of makeups. Every human being that wakes up to this fact, the fact that spiritual success is the only non-dissolving achievement possible in life will resonate with this information on a soul level. The reason you feel lost is this fact, the reason religion is worthless to you at this point is this fact. The fact is we need not slander religion as it is as valuable to some souls as training wheels are for kindergarteners learning to ride a bike for the first time. I appreciate every soul that seeks out any form of spirituality, and I am not concerned with what path you choose as long as you are fulfilled and happy while you are here experiencing your life. The key word being your life and nobody else's, and therefore I suggest no matter what I say always intuitively be guided by your own individual guidance system, or gut feeling, as this will help you decide what you, infinite piece of the Godhead need in order to evolve spiritually.

As you now know if you have read this far I have explained why you are here in enough detail for you to fully wake up to the fact you are fucking kidding yourself if you think you are here for a 9-5, and every second weekend off for drugs, alcohol, and sexual games. This mind blowing experience you are now having is called truth and it is very scary especially when you have been lied to your whole existence, and probably even multiple lifetimes. If you do not already know, due to your infinite expression of the collective mind that ultimately is all that is, you never die. Thats right wide eyed brethren death is bullshit, no matter how many times over you have lost someone close to you or even come close to death yourself it is still nonsense. How can infinity die, it is not just stupidity on the most grandest of levels  but impossible. Existence that is already existence can not and will not ever not exist. I applaud you for reading and integrating this knowledge thus far, but hold on to your internet surfboard I have another wave for you to get gnarly upon!

We as a human race are very important to our galactic inter-dimensional community as we are not just their present experiment, but the seeds that ultimately evolve into the experimenter's themselves in the future. This means not only will we create the inter-dimensional entities that exist on infinite densities above us, but we are there past selves. This is why they care, Karmic created situations that bind us together because the human race on earth is the seed, or apple of eden to our galactic brothers and sisters. This is channeled information so swallow slowly because it is unsweetened raw goosebumps from the divines whisper in my ear. Hahaha gotta love this Blog already right?