Days of Futures' Past

As experiments go we are the most interesting in this part of the galaxy, and maybe very naively the whole universe. The experiment we are a part of is largely concerned with spiritual evolution, and the implications third density reality has on our larger soul. The larger soul we are all an infinite part of is called the higher self. The higher self is a mind that you are an infinite part of and that encompasses all consciousness. It is my belief we construct different levels of the higher self in order for our human minds and identities to exist free of the fact we are dreaming ourselves up in order to experience a third density reality. In jewish Kabbalah the Godhead is expressed through many layers and originates as a unfathomable infinite light that also permeates and penetrates through every layer, no matter how dense the fabric of that reality may seem. In layman terms there is only light, the darkness is just the space between the light that creates the necessary experiential reality of separation. The reason darkness is a necessary experience is because of the very fact that  without the dark there would be no reference to experience light and all its brilliant colours, hues and saturations. As the Godhead expresses itself infinitely through these different points of expression we gain playmates. I say "playmates" because if the Godhead didn't split itself into different experiential points (playmates) we would not experience anything, and therefore we wouldn't exist at all, and so I must say thank you "All that is" for giving the experience of existence, I am very grateful. Think of these infinite points of the Godheads' expression as "souls". These varying examples of experiential points called souls enable not just third density life but infinite densified expressions. This means all the grains of sand in all the beaches on every planet in an infinite universe multiplied by all the universes of parallel realities could not take into account how many densities and expressions of the Godhead there is ever ever ever. I am laughing as this child like explanation is beyond comprehension to the most analytical of minds. My ego aside, there is an infinite awareness that calls you by not just your name but the tone, frequency, colour and light density of your soul, along with infinite other blue printing software we can not even fathom. Now with the lesson of infinity out of the way I can discuss the most important part human kind is playing in this infinite spiritual game. 

The infinite spiritual game is just that, a game with a goal of attaining spiritual development in the best possible structure available to the cosmos. Now might I add there are various groups assigned to the human race to insure this game is cheated in, lied about, gambled in, appreciated, laughed about, had fun in, and the list goes on as there are many players of all kinds of makeups. Every human being that wakes up to this fact, the fact that spiritual success is the only non-dissolving achievement possible in life will resonate with this information on a soul level. The reason you feel lost is this fact, the reason religion is worthless to you at this point is this fact. The fact is we need not slander religion as it is as valuable to some souls as training wheels are for kindergarteners learning to ride a bike for the first time. I appreciate every soul that seeks out any form of spirituality, and I am not concerned with what path you choose as long as you are fulfilled and happy while you are here experiencing your life. The key word being your life and nobody else's, and therefore I suggest no matter what I say always intuitively be guided by your own individual guidance system, or gut feeling, as this will help you decide what you, infinite piece of the Godhead need in order to evolve spiritually.

As you now know if you have read this far I have explained why you are here in enough detail for you to fully wake up to the fact you are fucking kidding yourself if you think you are here for a 9-5, and every second weekend off for drugs, alcohol, and sexual games. This mind blowing experience you are now having is called truth and it is very scary especially when you have been lied to your whole existence, and probably even multiple lifetimes. If you do not already know, due to your infinite expression of the collective mind that ultimately is all that is, you never die. Thats right wide eyed brethren death is bullshit, no matter how many times over you have lost someone close to you or even come close to death yourself it is still nonsense. How can infinity die, it is not just stupidity on the most grandest of levels  but impossible. Existence that is already existence can not and will not ever not exist. I applaud you for reading and integrating this knowledge thus far, but hold on to your internet surfboard I have another wave for you to get gnarly upon!

We as a human race are very important to our galactic inter-dimensional community as we are not just their present experiment, but the seeds that ultimately evolve into the experimenter's themselves in the future. This means not only will we create the inter-dimensional entities that exist on infinite densities above us, but we are there past selves. This is why they care, Karmic created situations that bind us together because the human race on earth is the seed, or apple of eden to our galactic brothers and sisters. This is channeled information so swallow slowly because it is unsweetened raw goosebumps from the divines whisper in my ear. Hahaha gotta love this Blog already right?