Expansion of consciousness through being present

Consciousness expansion is becoming more aware of what we already are being naturally. It is similar to paying attention as a wave that you are actually the entire ocean. It is as if the tiny drop of rain that douses the flower during rainfall is waking up to the reality it is not only the flower but also the skies and heavens from whence it came on its free fall to earth. The measuring device that is science can not explain reality it can only tell us what we physically see, and sometimes what we are experiencing. The truth is if you begin to meditate with an inclusiveness, and at the same time separateness from your mind, you begin to see that when you are sad the sky is black, when you are angry the winds howl and when you re in love with the present moment the whole world is yours. I mean this literally, I mean to say even as you experience yourself through the illusion of self, your true self is far beyond the concept of unifying everything in your reality. There are therefore un-seen forces available for us human beings to tune into for guidance and support in our continual learning of how to manipulate energy and create what we desire. Meditation on the true beingness in our moment, brings not only a sense that you are the music of the universe on the most grandiose of scales, but are also the entire orchestra, and conductor. Meditate and include every sound smell and thought as your being and you will over succession remember who you are. This re remembering is the purpose to the struggle of life, for without a struggle the final victory would mean nothing to the splashing of the crashing wave as it rejoins the entire ocean.