The Current of Consciousness

The moment is all you are in the present tense use of the word. Meaning you are always here and now. But what happens when you find yourself daydreaming or in a contemplative state where actual events are taking place like movies in your mind. This is what I will refer to as the current of consciousness. Just like a current in a stream your consciousness is not just at a static point in the universe, it is swimming through limitless time. Every moment your consciousness drifts to somewhere other then what is happening in your physical reality you are experiencing the current of your consciousness. The ever moving state of being where time and space becomes blurry, as you can be in more than one place at a time. The human consciousness is limited only by our beliefs and programmes. If we relinquish every belief and box that binds us in stagnation we realise that our consciousness is forever surfing along multiple streams of thought and realities.  But with this understanding you will notice that the physicality of the present moment can glitch and present abrupt halts in space, and this is in fact perceivable by the mind. I have observed animals such as a dog having the ability to sense, and be extremely aware of these moments where the focal point of consciousness shifts in and out of varying streams like a radio changing frequencies from AM to FM. I have been in conscious states of extreme observation where I have observed the moment shift from my physical experience to a daydream. As I was in this extreme observative state, my consciousness did not reset and turn on and off from waking physical reality to daydreaming consciousness. Instead I observed my consciousness shift in a collective way synchronisticly with every animal in the moment I was physically in. This resulted in an empathic connection with a dog who noticed a “time skip event” in which the varying streams of consciousness merged abruptly to create the co-creative physical experience. This was an event that felt as though time is constantly correcting itself based on the space in time we are surfing with our energies and focal point of our consciousness. This means what we are focused on regardless of whether it takes place in physical reality, daydreams, or auditory thoughts, our current of consciousness is always being predicted by time and space. We are able to observe this through enlightening ourselves through meditation, and enhancing our focus to observe the current being not just swimming in a constant stream on its own, but merging with other parallel streams of consciousness. Whether the streams are divergent, local, or non local it doesn't matter because our co-creative consciousness is a perfect harmonic reality device. This means the co-creative consciousness is in charge of itself, and at the same time manipulated by the parts that make up the whole. Timelines are not just events but constant streams of reality we tune into based on our collective focus at any given time. This given time is a seasonal shift and can be predicted, but I have not found out as of yet how to sense when a timeline is being entered into or merged with at this time.