How to undergo a Spiritual awakening without disobeying the rule of silence

The ones who know become the ones who show, but these ones mustn't interfere with those who  wish not to grow. 

This wonderful full moon in gemini I wish to, quite ironically I must say, communicate the duality involved with the rules of communication of consciousness, in terms of differing paths and evolutionary desires of the GodHead. As a disclaimer these are my rules, and therefore should not be followed by any who does not feel it is in their highest interest to do so. 

The GodHead is infinite experience and therefore we must provide spiritual individuality to fulfill this vast sea that is consciousness. I believe very strongly due to my own experience as we are evolving, and as our point of view constantly shifts into more awareness of who we are, that we uphold the rule of silence. The rule of silence in this matter pertains to allowing the vast and differing points of view to undergo their experiences without intrusion. In layman terms when becoming more knowing as a knower, do not impose your realisations on others who are choosing to grow at a different rate than you. This can be hard as a human being not to be able to share your discoveries, but this is what the internet is for. This outlet will suffice, there is many ways to communicate your beliefs and it is free. The need of arguing with family and friends about spiritual life and concepts need not exist, for the Magi live by of the rule of silence.