What am I?

You are me and I am you yet we are separate individualised  personalities. You are the moment, the now, the eternal infinite now....it is now past and you are in the now....it has just past but you are still in the now. You are everything that could and will ever exist experiencing itself from one point of view. Your point of view feels as if it is your eyes in your skull, and what ever is going on in and with your internal thoughts and feelings. This is only part of your experience, as you are also experiencing the whole universe at once. When you realise what you are is more important than who, you will become infatuated with discovering what is in the moment. The moment is never the same twice, it is infinitely short, but at the same time is forever. The moment is what you are, therefore drop the hypnotic trance you are under and begin to enjoy the vastness of your beingness. As you will not need to be anywhere but now ever in your life to understand the universe. The infinite now is your true identity. In truth it is not really an identity it is what you are, and what you are is like love, it cannot be explained only experienced. You do not ask why or what is love, you find you can only experience love. The same conceptual knowledge can be applied to understanding what you are. You can not explain or interpret it because it will be lost that way, for experiencing the now is like listening to music, you just enjoy it.