The Circular Nature of the Path Finder

Life can sometimes become relatable to a theatrical performance. Just as theatre or any movie watched over and over again can still cause a sense of seeing it for the first time, even during the 20th sitting, So can the cycles of life be compared to this sensation of becoming aware that every situation can be seen with new eyes. No matter how familiar, and also no matter how dis similar a situation may seem most of us are living in a circular warp in experience. The most basic of lessons create a master's teachings, and this is why the universe insists on this constant reflection in every moment while  perfecting our humble specs of light. Have you ever felt a deja-vu? Well imagine for a moment that you have lived this exact same life for 3600 years in a cycle. That would conjure many experiences so similar that maybe they would form as an experience such as a deja-vu. More importantly the lessons we are learning while here on earth are energetically subtle and require you to be open to evolving into a new perspective at each cycle in order to create new experiential lessons. If one is not open to receiving a new perspective at every opportunity it is presented, the experience is akin to rewinding a movie because you forgot a certain scene. Imagine life as an essay on a movie, and therefore you need to reflect on every camera angle and emotional response in order to develop a deeper understanding. Your soul requires this innerstanding of your "theatrical performance" in order to grow and evolve to higher realms of existential beingness.