Déjà vu?

Have you ever tried to watch a movie you love, but you remember it too vividly to watch it even though you would love to see it again? What if you could decide to forget the movie as soon as you pressed play? How would that feel? You would be able to re-live scenes without remembering they had ever happened. You would be so immersed in the movie as if it was your first time ever experiencing it. Every plot twist, every character, every bit of music you enjoyed. Now apply this to not just a movie, but apply this invention to the very life you are living now.  How do you know this is the first time? How do you know you haven’t decided to replay your favourite life, and chosen to forget you have ever lived this way before because you wanted to experience the wonder and excitement fresh? You wanted to watch that movie you loved without knowing what was going to happen. You knew before you were born what was going to happen. You chose to make it a surprise.