Free will

Free will is a dependant construct in universal reality. Free will depends on your level of understanding and awareness. This can be seen as the knowledge of good and evil, or more commonly described today as duality. The polarities of the dual nature of this universe allow for free will. Without the "battle" between good and evil there would be no awareness, and therefore no free will. The more you understand about the Self, the greater your awareness of your current experience, and the greater amount of choice you perceive you have. Free will is a lower density experiential distortion and does not actually exist in higher awareness. This is because as you move out of duality the need for choice becomes void. Why would you need to choose if all there is is love and divine synchronicity. Choice is the decision between one or more variables to experience, without duality there is only oneness, and therefore no ability to decide between more than two variables. Free will the gift of the dualistic experience.