How to unlock the Star Gate Chakra

You are a vast complex being consisting of multidimensional fractalizations of self. Understanding your ego as being the most dense expression is the key to grounding the conceptual  knowledge necessary to grasp your higher aspects of self. The self has many levels and dimensional perspectives that are realised through developing your awareness through meditation. Once your ego self has grasped the concept that all is one, and therefore you innerstand you are the universe, you can move into communion with your Holy Guardian angel. This in my case is Vishnu, and I communicate to him(myself) by moving through the universal concept of who I am, which is the whole universe in order to open my star gate chakra. This chakra is somewhere above the crown chakra and can only be accessed through the enlightenment of universal oneness. Once the universal oneness is grasped it must be felt to a degree where you are able to perceive subtle energies with your intuition. As a being of light all is frequency and vibration, and therefore you must realise the density of your current self is limited to just a small fraction of your vibration and frequency as a soul expression from source. The point to this information is to give you the map to galactic awareness. Galactic awareness is understanding you have multidimensional personas that are not only aware of the self you are conscious of but also aware of the selves they are vibrating higher than. This means that not only is Vishnu aware of my conscious life and experience, but he is living his own life in higher realms also with other perceptions, and simultaneous experiences of life occurring at once. Our multidimensionality can be understood to a degree where we can communicate with our Highest selves to better understand the universe. this is the point to meditation. Meditation is the ship to enlightenment and you are the compass of awareness.