Money is the energy we as physical representations of God (Love, Universe, All that is) have developed to engage in energy transfer in a third density materialistic reality Matrix. This energy enables us to feel worthy emotionally through receiving it and having "more than enough to spend". In this Matrix we feel extremely emotionally worthy if we have more than enough money after we have spent our fair share. Our fair share being the amount required to survive with food and housing programmes. These necessities are programmes, and should not be thought of as matter of fact in being uncompromising to sustain our reality, and existence. What do I mean by this you may be wondering aye aye hahaha. I mean by saying since we believe we need food and shelter collectively as a collective consciousness that creates our universe, then we must abide by this belief. If we collectively agree upon something that is essential for our existence, it becomes essential to our existence. This is correct in the reverse approach also, in saying if we collectively reprogram our reality with preferred beliefs our Matrix abides by these collective agreements. We have the ability as a collective consciousness to create a currency that fits our most positive attributes and desires. We can also abolish currency all together and create free energy, which nullifies the need for a physical representation of energy in our Matrix. This Matrix is a programme we can collectively reprogram. By understanding this fact of reality we can reshape our experience in existance to better suit our preferences.