The Higher Self

I am currently training myself in the art of Reiki and I have found this amazing quote from Dr. Hayashi , “the universal life force is so big we cannot measure it, so deep we cannot fathom it; therefore in Japanese we call it Reiki.” He continued “it is comparable to a radio station, broadcasting radio waves everywhere. There are no wires connecting the radio station with your home, yet when you turn on the receiver and tune into the radio waves from the station you receive what they are sending. Likewise, the principles of Reiki are the same. The energy is everywhere; it travels through space without wires. Once you have been connected to the energy it flows automatically, forever. It is a universal and immeasurable energy and its power is unlimited".

This brings me to the question of what is the Higher Self that you hear everyone with a computer and an english dictionary talking about these days? The Higher Self is an omniscient flow of divine energy that is beyond comprehension to your ego. To know the Higher Self means to be fully realised, and therefore "deemed" by eastern cultures as reaching Enlightenment. To me Enlightenment is realising your Higher Self as not just your "god self", but realising that to have a "god self" you therefore are omnipresent and omniscient. This means you are everywhere and all knowing, providing you wake up to the fact you are everything and every consciousness, and that your idea of unity and separation fall far short of even comprehending the higher self and its nature. The Higher Self is unity on a scale we are not familiar with, not because we are war hungry barbarians but because we lack the psychic intuition to interface with reality on the level that proves to us that we are connected with every living organism existing in our realities. 

The Higher self is not just your inner voice that rules over your every choice and action as you project through imagination of a co-creative reality, like the one you are experiencing as you read this, in order to experience physicality. The Higher Self is your intuition, the silence of nature, your deepest desires, and of course your sense of Love in this universe. The reason I am explaining the Higher Self in this way is so you can remember the language of every situation, animal, and breath of wind. When you finally wake up wise soul you will understand there is a teacher around you, within you, who is you, and who loves you unconditionally for the fact you exist and are experiencing life. When you wake up to this fact of support, every situation and experience speaks to you in a silent language called intuition, and when you get adept at this skill you can hear the higher self speak to you in a very personal transcendental language .

To know thyself and therefore enter in divine communication with the higher self you must go within with the art of meditation, or divine contemplation. Just as a butterfly feels there is more to its' existence and decides to go within to transform itself, so must you make the choice to transcend your limitations. The Higher Self is your true self whether you transform to recognise your greatness or not, it is still an ever present omniscient companion on your life journey to self realisation.