Angel Alignment Hypnotherapy (price for two sessions, interview session and Hypnosis session)


Angel Alignment Hypnotherapy (price for two sessions, interview session and Hypnosis session)

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This service will take place during 2 sessions of online healing via Skype. The first session will be an interview process that will give me insight into your life. This session is mainly used to build trust with you as the client, and also learn about what it is that you have had to go through in this life from your human perspective. The interview session will be a 1 hour session.

In your next scheduled session we will be undergoing a guided meditation and hypnosis session. This session is a 1.5 hour-2 hour healing session. You will be required to have emailed me up to 7 questions that you want to ask your Higher Self during your session. If you do not want to ask your Higher Self any questions that is fine also.

Angel Alignment Hypnotherapy

(AAH) is a Hypnosis technique I have developed from my formal training in, and years of research of Dolores Cannons QHHT method. Because I have my own guidance from my Higher Self that guides me on my mission here on earth I have found it immediately necessary to develop my own techniques, and ways of doing things. I find that many techniques of guided meditation, and hypnotherapy are very similar, and therefore it can be easily deduced that they all come from the same source… which is source of course.

Before we start your AAH session there will be an in person interview to understand intuitively your soul, and your life story in a way that will benefit your healing. This could be up to a 1 hour conversation. This is a major part of the therapy so I can have a really good understanding of who you are and what trauma, or life circumstances you have been through thus far on your journey in this life.

When coming to me for my personal method of Angel Alignment Hypnotherapy I will be focusing on dealing with whatever the Higher Self wants you to understand, and therefore grow from in order to develop into your highest possible self in this lifetime. In this lifetime you have angelic guides that are constantly helping you in bringing your desires to manifestation. I will be as part of your session be bringing through your guardian angel to speak to you, and if allowed I will give you their name. I find this helps clients connect to their guides more deeply.

Past lives will be explored during your session, but understand I am a guide, and your Higher Self owns the session. This means whatever your Higher Self desires for you to experience will occur, and I will safely guide you through all experiences so you can relax and enjoy this amazing ability within you.

The last part of this session will be the Higher Self communication that includes answering your questions, and undergoing an entire body scan and healing. The healing the Higher Self can perform is amazing, and to this day still blows my mind every time.

Why AAH is important to your healing on earth as an infinite soul. What you don’t realize is that your vibration is distorted due to the programming of blocked emotions, society (both ancient, and presently occurring), and various trauma. In this distorted state as creators of our entire reality we are not able to manifest our true potential, as we have limiting beliefs, fear, and emotional blockages hindering us from the ultimate loving expression of our Highest Self. The only truth is that you are love, but as this dimension is founded upon duality we seem to make choices lifetime after lifetime that inhibit us from seeing this one truth, until we are once again fully realized beings.

The purpose of AAH is to reconnect you personally to past lives to experience your infinite multidimensional self, and therefore move past the fear of limitations in this lifetime. Obviously past life trauma can influence you energetically in this lifetime, so as per every session we remove, and understand the energy needed to be dissolved in order retrieve lost fragments of who you are. These parts of your soul are trapped in timelines that you have not been able to fully comprehend the lessons of. The aim of my method of Hypnosis is to re-calibrate your highest potential by manifesting the understandings of these lifetimes on a soul level consciously, and subconsciously.

As we move through multiple past lives at your Higher Self’s discretion we will move into speaking with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self will allow me to ask questions about the lifetimes we have explored, and also answer questions that you have brought with you to your session. Also this is where a body scan will take place where the Higher Self will heal you of any dis harmony within the energetic bodies, and physical body where appropriate. Everything will be recorded so you can listen over and over again as you wish whenever you desire. I use state of the art interview recording equipment so the quality is superb. This is also where any black magic that has been put upon you will be expelled.

As we are working in the somnambulistic state of consciousness I make sure you are angelically protected with crystals, runes, sages, and incenses, and visualization techniques. It is important when working in these deep states of consciousness to work with a practitioner who understands the spiritual worlds, and dimensions that surround us at all times. As a channeler I have been downloaded many methods to ensure we are heavenly, and divinely protected throughout your session.

Make sure to bring a list of questions for your Higher Self to your session. these are the questions I will go through while you are in trance speaking as your Higher Self.

The session is confidential unless specified by you the client. I respect and invoke client confidentiality at all times with all clients. What we speak of stays between me and you unless specified otherwise by you the client.

The time of the AAH session will vary but it usually takes around 1.5 hours to 2 hours in trance.

After purchase we will organize a time and date for your sessions, just make sure to enter your email address and Skype name in the following form.

I look forward to connecting you more deeply to your own amazingly infinite soul.

Peace and love,

Jesse Bloomfield

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