Custom Channeled Art from "your" Higher Self , and God (Colour style).


Custom Channeled Art from "your" Higher Self , and God (Colour style).

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I have been working as an artist my entire life with God, and my Higher Self. I have learned how to channel deep spiritual images that the Higher Self, and God wishes to communicate to me. With this service available to the souls that feel guided to embrace deep spiritual art, new light codes, and portals to higher dimensional consciousness can be experienced within your day to day life. If you have heard the saying that “one picture speaks a thousand words’’ you can begin to understand the spiritual significance of deep symbolic images that the Higher Self can communicate to you along your spiritual journey through channeled artwork. The purpose of developing your consciousness is to connect to the Higher Self and God. This service will be intended to bring forth a message for you from your Higher self, and God through your own custom channeled artwork.

-How to proceed to get your “Custom Channeled Art from "your" Higher Self , and God (colour style)”

After purchase you will be required to send through to me EXCATLY 6 images that you are guided to send me in emailed form. Please include an HD quality image of yourself that will be included in your custom channeled art. Make sure each image is felt completely with your heart, as this is how you know the image is “RIGHT”. Also please note do not edit, or filter your images, as I am drawing every image. Editing them makes no difference to your final image. As I take each image and customize it in the way the Higher self communicates to me, your images are just the foundation of the channeling process.

I will be speaking to your Higher self as soon as you purchase this service in the Higher realms, and therefore expect to e profoundly connected to your Higher Self with increases in synchronistic events during the process of creating your Custom Channeled Art from "your" Higher Self , and God (Colour style).

I look forward to bringing your Higher self’s message to you through this medium. Expect the unexpected as always dear soul of the infinite manifest.

P.S this is the colour style. no refunds are offered after purchase, so make sure you purchase the correct product.

Thank you, let us begin wise soul,

Jesse Bloomfield

P.s This artwork will be sent digitally to you after completion. Therefore you can choose how exactly you wish to print the image.

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