Tarot reading + Distance Reiki healing session


Tarot reading + Distance Reiki healing session

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Welcome seeker you have been guided by the divine angels Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and Ariel to embark upon a spiritual activation. In this service you will be provided with an in depth Tarot reading . This reading will answer the questions you have asked in the form provided after purchase. Please allow 3 days after purchase to receive your reading, and Reiki session.

What you receive…

  • In depth analysis of your 10 card spread. This spread is largely based off the Celtic Cross spread, which holds a lot of collective energy from the continued use of this spread throughout human history.

  • Card 1- Your Current situation will be explored

  • Card 2- Your Past will be explored

  • Card 3- Your Challenge in this stage in life will be understood

  • Card 4- Conscious mind, and your focus

  • Card 5- The subconscious minds perspective on your challenge

  • Card 6- Future

  • Card 7- Guidance from the Higher Self

  • Card 8- External influences that need to be understood for your situation, and challenge

  • Card 9- Hopes and/or Fears

  • Card 10- Outcome of energetic illumination

  • You receive this reading in the form of an HD recorded reading. These readings can run from around 25 mins-50mins. If the reading goes over this specified time it will be because spirit has made it so.

I’m honoured to be of service to your soul on your path in this human incarnation. Whether you are completely lost, ready to give up on life, or feeling amazing about it all I know I can be of great service to you. I will put my soul into your reading, and I know this will bring a Tarot experience like you have never received before. I’m looking forward to the “now” when I read for you personally. As a lot of time and effort goes into the production of your service please allow a 3 day wait to receive your reading.

-Reiki healing

I am a Reiki master, and the angels guide me in my healing of your whole beingness. My mind enters into a trance state of consciousness, and this allows me to be guided by the angels throughout your healing. I never know what this session will entail to be perfectly honest with you, but all my clients have been amazed at the benefits of this healing. I really pour my all into this energy exchange with you, as I take the healing of your being very seriously. I will be communicating with the angels, whilst visions occur of my astral self healing you with the help of source. This is a complex healing that is unique to me, Jesse. No one on this planet uses Reiki in the way I do, so I especially feel proud to offer you this healing session. Please note that many experiences can occur for you, but these experiences vary from client to client. Most commonly clients receive a peaceful state of love, and self worth. Then there can be cases of clients having past life flashes, or dreams of the healing before it has happened. Many experiences can occur, and it will be a unique experience for each individual soul. As this session is a Distance Reiki healing you will receive music of my choice to tune into in order to align yourself with the transmission of the healing energy. All instructions to tune into your session will be sent in the email with your Hops Tarot reading. I look forward to these transmissions………

Peace and Love,

Jesse Bloomfield

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