Guidance from the Higher self

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emailed reading.jpg

Guidance from the Higher self


This reading is for those souls that wish for the guidance from their Guides/ Higher Self in a 6 card spread. This spread offers;

  1. The current situation

  2. The challenge you have been presented with

  3. What the subconscious mind is showing you to help with your challenge

  4. The guidance from the Higher Self

  5. The Future

  6. also the bottom of the deck will be shown, and the appropriate message will be shared.

I am honored to be of service to you and your soul on this journey, and I look forward to tuning into your Higher Self to offer the guidance you seek wise soul.

Peace and love,

Jesse Bloomfield

This reading is an emailed reading, and therefore is presented in written form. This reading will include an attached photo of your cards that I have pulled. You will not be able to ask a question to me directly as this reading is a message from your Higher self. Please note you will need to allow 3 days from purchase to receive your reading.

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