I am humbled to have been of service to these wise souls on their unique individual paths, when I receive more clients willing to have their names and thoughts published I will add them here.
— Jesse


Jesse is truly gifted and uses his gift to bless others, me being one of the ones he has blessed with his honesty, compassion and inspiration. He was so accurate in his reading, so down to earth and adds humour in it as well which puts your guard down and opens your soul to realise and understand your true self. I have had other friends who have had readings and it’s always the same emotion once they receive the reading..... speechless! He is the only person who has ever given me a reading that was 100% true to my soul confirming what I already knew but ignored. Thank you Jesse for opening my heart and soul and reminding me of who I truly am.


There are treasures that you come upon in your life in what seems like the low parts of one's life. I came upon Jesse’s channel having questions about twin flames and other insights. What I came to see is that he is about thereal true solutions of living your purpose and accomplishing success with the communion of guided angels and higher self. What I love is the take away. The take away for me is the removal of rubbish and the confirmation of what I knew to be true to the depths of my soul. Intriguing to say the least, he is a warrior in his own right cutting away the weeds set by others and daring enough to plant seeds that bears a harvest of rejuvenation. I recommend Jesse to all who are seekers of truth.




Just received my Shamanic Soul Reading with the distance reiki healing from Jesse and it was everything I had hoped it would be and more! From the intro all the way to the end of the reading it showed his professionalism and dedication to his craft. The video I received was creatively put together through visual presentation and sound. His deep spiritual connection can be felt throughout the reading.

Jesse has a charismatic smile, captivating eyes and happy demeanor, it will command your attention. His advice for me through my spirit guides was an intense euphoric experience. He was spot on about everything. Jesse knew about my fears and doubts and gave me a road map on how to conquer them. He had insight to the energetic and spiritual realm and it blew my mind! I highly recommend this reading as it gives an in depth approach and guidance to unanswered question you may have at a soul level.

I am currently working on writing a movie and creating a series. Jesse encouraged me in many interesting ways. My spirit feels excited and optimistic about the future thank you Jesse!

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This reading is not your ordinary reading. I had clicked on Jesse’s page for the first time and my intuition said go ahead, to this day I am very happy and grateful for my guides and my intuition that led me to contact him. I really enjoyed the shamanic journey that he goes into while getting feedback from my guides. Amazing messages and great advice throughout the entire reading. I’ve gotten the answers that I was seeking and now all I need to do is apply them into my life while I ride the wave of infinite possibilities. If you are wanting something more in depth than the regular readings out there, Jesse is the person. He works on a soul level, very knowledgable about what he does. His energy is fun, light and caring.



"Jesse isn't just a tarot reader he's a soul reader. He gets inside your subconscious and gives it a good shaking awake. I was so unsure if I was on the right path. I knew deep down I was and Jesse’s reading has reinforced that I am definitely on the right path. He's an amazing kind soul, who trusts in the process of life & spirit. Something we all need to do. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for not only pointing me in the right direction but for giving me permission to be myself."



"Can I mention that I was amazed by the reading because I have a doorway, and I always look for my shadow in it and instead I see an outline of my figure and clear light around it. When Jesse mentioned those things I really connected with him. It felt like speaking to an old friend. I will definitely contact him again. He is awesome! I also would like to say I will refer other people to your site and thank you again for being so awesome."



This was an extremely helpful reading.You mentioned two different timelines to me and I really saw the significance of this in my life.I,was thrilled when you described a being that I consider is fromThe Galactic Council .It is amazing how the Galactics are really interested in this transition that we Earthlings are going through!

You gave specific and helpful advice and I really like the way that you present your readings.They are really worthwhile.Thank you and Many Blessings.Felicity

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My life, as far back as I can remember, has been a series of synchronicities that have directed me to the right place, at the right time . . . and, even to places that weren’t so right, but there was a soul life lesson to be learned.

I am so grateful my higher guidance brought me to Jesse. I was stuck in my soul journey path and was guided to search tarot readers on YouTube. Who knew there were so many! I clicked on a few Virgo tarot readings: some were intuitive readers, others were skilled readers, and others really had no business “peddling” nonsense. To say the least, I was not overly impressed and somewhat disappointed. Then, as I thought, maybe I should be searching something else, like “spirituality,” and was about to leave the page, Jesse’s video loaded and began to play. I was drawn in by his old shamanic soul and the messages that resonated so profoundly at the time. About a week or so later, I logged on YouTube with a particular issue in mind and, lo and behold, Hop’s video pops up first under “recommended.” I clicked on the video and, again, Jesse’s reading resonated from beginning to end. Without hesitation, I ordered the Shamanic Journey and Tarot Reading. All I can say is, “WOW!” I knew I would be receiving special guidance through Hops, but I didn’t expect such a mind-blowing experience. The reading was in depth, highly intuitive, and presented in a comprehensive, creative, and genuinely personalized manner. The benefits for me were immediate. Not only did I receive clarity on how to become “unstuck,” but it seemed Hops saw deep into my soul and offered some recommendations that made my heart literally do a flip! I am super psyched for what’s yet to manifest and unfold.

I humbly and highly recommend Jesse’s services, whether you’re just awakening or well on your way to living your life’s purpose . . . you will not be disappointed! Maybe you might even consider becoming a patron or making a donation to support this kind, wise old soul’s much needed work!

Peace and Love,




"I found Jesse using my intuition, and it served me well! I'm happy I followed the signs I observed as he gave me a very in-depth reading that had me pondering deep questions and gave me realizations to help me on my soul journey; which I am still absorbing and processing. You will want to take many notes!!!! Prior to this very informative reading, I had no interest in past lives and had no idea how that pertained to my present. Well, I just have to say, Hops has profound incite that can open doors that will give you the key to understanding who you are, where you came from and where you are going! Definitely will get you unstuck and allow you to open those doors that await you. But as they say in the MATRIX, he can only show you the door, you are the one who has to open it. I'm looking forward to taking this knowledge with me as I continue on my path; for now I hold the key. Jesse is a kind, sweet soul who you can trust with your path. And now I am the proud owner of one of his beautiful Mala bead necklaces to further me on my journey as I dive deeper into my soul in a meditation practice"




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